Try Learning The Language

So, hey! This is the first official blog post! WOOHOO! I’m going to try to make this as un-boring as possible and as efficient as possible, so with that, let’s talk about storytelling.

Here I sit. At 12:30 in the morning, there’s a drizzle outside in downtown Seattle that is almost comically stereotypical. Yes, it rains in Seattle, we get it. But rain has always been one of those things that soothe my soul. It is the perfect writing weather, no matter what you think. Doesn’t mean rain=sad. After all, this is a blog, with words and shit. So why not have a little fun?

So on to the meat: I have been working on a screenplay for a short film, but the universe it lives in, I believe at least, has tremendous trilogy potential. Like another famous trilogy before it, this one is very much science fiction; one of my cinematic first loves. I also have another that’s ripe for television. However (and it’s a big however), I am dealing with something at the moment known as “the resistance”.

If you’ve never read Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art, I highly recommend you go and pick it up wherever you buy books. It talks about something called resistance and it’s constant attack on our creative processes. Now, the resistance is not a thing or person, it is ourselves. It can be procrastination or alcohol or whatever pulls your mind from doing the creative work you need to be doing. Almost all artists have benefited from some sort of schedule. As the case with writers, the overwhelming advice is to just write.

I know that sounds very obvious, but I mean, write something. Every day, write something. Don’t go back and revise and correct as you are writing, that can be done on a different day or later, but for now, just write. It’s easier said than done, that’s for sure, but it’s something I’ve been trying to make a daily habit. I’ve tried to use my phone less and read books more.

So my advice to anyone reading this (and ironically to myself), know what you are writing so well that are fluent in its language. If you can speak it, you can communicate that story to others and, hopefully, connect with them on an emotional level.



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